Two rubbery, pink slices of Oscar Mayer bologna slapped atop a snowy layer of Wonder Bread, then adorned with a Jackson Pollock splatter of French’s yellow mustard. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Day in and day out, Gertie mentally tallies the endless number of bologna sandwiches that she has prepared for her little brother who lives in the crawlspace of their home, while at the same time she struggles to find the perfect method of killing their mother who put him there. Told from three wildly different points of view, Hundred Year Flood captures the two decade odyssey of a disturbed family’s life. The mother, Lorna, is a pill-popping alcoholic who can’t seem to dig her way out of a stupor of depression while also caring for her children. Freddie, her oldest, succeeds at creating a promising career as a young criminal, while bouncing in and out of the juvenile detention system. Gertie personifies the classically troubled middle child, burdened with the responsibility of caring for her two brothers. The younger brother, Cameron, at the innocent age of two, was forced to survive in the dank crawlspace of their Philadelphia home, never again to see the light of day. As Gertie evolves through childhood, adolescence and into young adulthood, there is but one constant force driving her forward—the awareness that she must punish her mother for imprisoning her baby brother. During the storm of the century, a frightening truth comes to light when the four lives of the family collide in that dark crawlspace beneath their house. The time has come to face the chilling details that are revealed in the rising flood waters.

Illustrations from North of Golden

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miriam  misenko  

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​North of Golden

In a small New Mexico town where an everyday breakfast consists of Cheerios swimming in tequila and meth is liberally sprinkled on tamales, a misfit artist tries to peck out an existence on her isolated solar ranch, situated south of Santa Fe and just North of Golden. With her ambiguously-gay dog, her recently grief-stricken sister, Lena, and her stuttering doper-friend, Dilaudid Dave, Izzy’s world is rather ordinary until the discovery of a stash of gold turns life upside down.

Izzy was only three years old when plucked from her birth country of Korea and dropped into the dysfunctional chaos of the Giordano family of Philadelphia.  She decided to leave her crazy Catholic upbringing and pursue her artistic goals in the quirky town of Madrid, New Mexico where her life revolves solely around painting and her faithful yellow lab, Spartacus.

Things start to get complicated when Izzy’s sister comes for a visit in search of consolation after the death of her husband. What they discover in the process is a buried treasure, a stash of gold that Lena’s husband had hidden from the mob. Unfortunately for the foursome, word gets out about their discovery and they find themselves being tailed by both inept mobsters and meth-addicted misfits. Taking refuge in an ancient turquoise mine, the group fights for their lives and what’s rightfully theirs.

Miriam Misenko resides outside of Madrid, New Mexico painting and writing happily alongside her husband, Dan Boldman, fellow artist and adventurer. On their remote solar ranch, they share life with an ever-changing collection of dogs, chickens and bees.